The Human Ego vs The Human Soul

If you read my previous article, you know we all have an ego inside of us. However, this ‘ego’ is the cause of a lot of suffering for most people. There is good news though! I’ve written some tips on how to beat the human ego. But we also possess another part, the nemesis of our ego, called our ‘soul’. You might call it your ‘higher being’, your ‘core’, ‘spiritual self’, or ‘center’. These definitions all imply the same thing. Want to connect with your purest self? After this article, you’ll have the tools to reach this mysterious part of you.

The human soul

We’re all energetic beings. Everybody is part of the same cosmic energy. Deep down, everybody is connected. This ‘deep down’ part, is our soul.

Now the problem is most people completely lost connection with their inner being. Our daily lives are ruled by our egos, without us even noticing it. The stronger the ego, the weaker the soul. And vice versa.

“Why is that so bad?”, I hear you thinking. Because you’ll never experience true joy, only fleeting happiness. Because you’ll never live the life you should live. A life filled with passion, with gratitude and a high state of performance. Instead, we live a life filled with boring, unhealthy habits. There is no purpose, no drive that motivates us to get out of bed every morning. Getting more convinced of the significance? I hope you do!

We lose our connection as we mature

Now, if this soul part is so amazing and leads to a notable better life, why do we lose connection with it? There are different reasons for how this can happen.

In general, as kids, we have the best connection with our inner being. At that young age, we live from our hearts, not our heads. As kids, we have the wildest dreams for our future. There is no limit as to what we think is achievable. And that’s the way it should be! Who ruins the party? Adults of course! We constantly get told to be ‘more realistic’, ‘study something decent’, ‘get a good job’. So over time, as we get older, we lose this oh-so-important way of living from the heart.

There is another way we lose connection with our soul. Over the timespan of our young adult lives, we face countless situations that leave us disappointed or heartbroken. The tendency is to suppress these feelings and go on with our lives. However, each time we do this, we close our hearts a little bit more. This leaves an emotional scar.

We become afraid to live this way. We don’t want to suffer or get ridiculed by others because we have big, ‘unrealistic plans’ for our future.

Eventually, we chose the safe (but boring) way. We start to live from our heads and lose connection with our emotions.

Getting back in touch

There’s only one way to access our hearts: getting through it, really feeling it, even if it hurts. That’s the only way to leave all that emotional luggage behind. Meditation is a good first step to access these hidden feelings. If you want to dig deeper, seeking help from a psychologist is an excellent way.

When we see people leading extraordinary lives we assume they just got lucky, or are more talented than us. Wouldn’t it be awesome to lead your own extraordinary life? A life you shaped and created by doing things you love. Deep down, we all want this.

Get it in your head: We all can have these amazing lives! All you have to do is start working on leaving your emotional luggage behind. Start opening your heart and get in touch with your soul. People leading awesome, inspiring lives are people living from the heart. They aren’t afraid to do things that others might find ridiculous or stupid. They live with passion and have enormous willpower to keep going until they achieve what they want. You can only do that by being in connection with your higher self.

See the difference? These people just go for it, even if it seems unreachable at first. While most of us are afraid to even take the first step! Everything big starts with a small step.

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